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Applikationen zu CyBi®-SELMA
  • Replikation von Mikroplatten
  • Reformatieren von Mikroplatten
  • Medienwechsel
  • Reagenzienzugabe
  • Beschichtung von Mikroplatten
  • Verdünnung von Mikroplatten, Serielle Verdünnungsreihen
Applikationsbeschreibungen zu CyBi®-SELMA
Photometric and Gravimetric Liquid Handling Check Procedure to determine the Random Error (Precision) and the Systematic Error (Accuracy) of Automated Liquid Handling Systems (ALHS) Implementation of Cisbio's HTRF® M1 muscarinic receptor related assays on CyBio liquid handling solutions for small and high throughput Semi-automated genomic DNA extraction from Plant with CyBi®-SELMA 96/1000 μl using NucleoSpin® 96 Plant II Kit Cardiotoxicity of iCell® Cardiomyocytes Using the CyBi®-SELMA 96, 250 μl Semi-automated Pipettor Precision of the CyBi®-SELMA 96, 250 μl - Example Data for low volumes, different pipetting modes and liquids

CyBi®-SELMA – Basic Information using ARTEL Multichannel Verification System (MVS®)

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