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1/8/16 Channel Pipettors

CyBi®-FeliX CHOICETMCyBi®-FeliX CHOICETM is a compact liquid handling platform for automated and flexible single, row- and column-wise pipetting. The CyBi®-FeliX CHOICETM offers a unique wide volume range of 500 nl to 1 ml with one pipetting head while achieving the highest precision and format flexibility.

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GeneTheatre is an automated, highly flexible liquid handling system. Thanks to its compact design, GeneTheatre can be placed on any commercially available lab bench. In addition, the System can also be adapted to specific applications. Pipetting heads with 1 or 8 channels are available. A simple mechanism allows users to change the pipetting heads with only one hand – an effortless process requiring no technical expertise.

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CyBi®-InLine 8+1/250 µl
In addition to the 8 channels for serial dilution application, this versatile liquid handler provides a single channel which can address and execute all wells of a microplate and tubes.

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CyBi®-InLine 8/1000 µlThe CyBi®-InLine 8/1000 µl is designed with such applications in mind such as serial dilutions, plate filling and sample transfers in 96 well microplates including deep well.

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CyBi®-InLine 16/50 µlThe CyBi®-InLine 16/50 µl is suitable for the processing of 384 well microplates. With perfectly matched accessories and the possibility for integration into larger workstations, this system is the ideal choice for auto-mation of complex applications and batch processing.

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