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CyBi®-Print vario
Label print and apply workstation

  • Fast labeling of microplates with solvent-resistant barcode labels
  • High flexibility in label definition, barcode and text content
  • Solvent and temperature resistant labels provide reliable plate identification in all laboratory conditions
  • Flexibility in plate side(s) to be labeled for accommodation of established laboratory procedures
  • Integrated barcode reader for online control of barcode labeling
  • Highest reliability minimizes downtime

The CyBi®-Print vario automatically prints barcode labels and applies them to microplates. The user benefits from a very flexible definition of the label content and an extremely reliable and fast processing of the microplates. Depending on the number and type of stackers utilized, the CyBi®-Print vario holds up to 300 plates for unattended processing. Up to 40 plates, the capacity of one chimney of a standard stacker, can be labeled in just 10 minutes. The processing options include the plate type, plate side, barcode type, barcode content, number and content of text fields, and linkage to databases to obtain or store barcode information. Using the integrated barcode reader, information can be read from one plate or one side, modified according to the user's needs, and printed onto a label on another plate or another side of the plate. The labels available for the CyBi®-Print vario are very resistant to aqueous solutions, alcohols and organic solvents such as DMSO. Labeled plates can be frozen and thawed (or even boiled) without any negative effect to the label.


Plate Capacity40 to 300 standard shallow well microplates
Plate TypesShallow well, deep well and low profile microplates (minimum height of labels is 5.5 mm), tube and tip boxes (if stackable)
Plate SidesLong and/or short side can be labeled
Barcode TypesAll common types such as code 39, code 93, code 128,
codabar, EAN (various subtypes), interleaved 2/5, UPC and more
Speed15 seconds per microplate, 40 microplates in 10 minutes
(first stacker, one label /plate)
Labels66.0 x 5.5 mm or 66.0 x 7.0 mm (W x H)
resistant to DMSO, methanol, water and other solvents
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