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Cells are the smallest functioning basic unit of all life forms with great importance in all areas of the life sciences. In drug discovery, more than 50% of all HTS assays are already celluar assays, and this trend is still increasing.
CyBio parallel pipettors CyBi-FeliX, CyBi®-Well & CyBi®-Well vario, CyBi®-WellFlex & CyBi®-WellFlex vario, CyBi®-InLine and the dispenser CyBi®-Drop allow the handling of sensitive cell suspensions, cell lysates and adherent cell cultures due to its purpose-built properties.

CyBio's instruments can be placed in sterile benches if desired.
For CyBio's simultaneous pipettors, optimal mixing routines are provided through the software, which enable an effective resuspension of cell suspensions before the transfer. The flexible CyBio software allows an optimal adjustment of all aspiration and dispensing steps of the liquids during the processing of microplates with adherent cells.
CyBio's dispensers are equipped with circulation systems, which enable an automatic filling to the tube systems directly before transfer with homogeneous cell suspension without loss of cells.

Application and Technical Notes

Reliable Automated Cytotoxicity Profiling for Chemistry Focused Laboratories by Combining Multiplexed Cytotoxicity Assays with the CyBi®-FeliX Liquid Handling Instrument Combining CyBi®-FeliX Automated Liquid Handling, Cell Health Assays and Frozen, Thaw-and-Use Cells Enables Automated Cytotoxicity Profiling

A 3D in vitro model of differentiated HepG2 cell speroids with improved liver-like properties for repeated dose high-throughput toxicity studies 

Simplify complex pathway dissection by combining the power of HTRF® cellular phospho-assays and the flexibility of the CyBi®-FeliX liquid handling system Implementation of Cisbio's HTRF® M1 muscarinic receptor related assays on CyBio liquid handling solutions for small and high throughput High-throughput 3D spheroid culture and drug testing using a 384 hanging drop array Handling of Adherent Cells with the CyBi®-Drop 3D, Example Data Handling of Cell Suspensions with the CyBi®-Drop 3D, Cell Viability Studies Customer Evaluation of the CyBi®-Drop 3D for Screening Applications Automated media exchange in the 3D in vitro pannusmodel with the CyBi®-Disk workstation using 96-well plate format Multiplexed viability, cytotoxicity and apoptosis assays for cell-based screening Cell Seeding Station
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