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CyBi®-Well MagneticBead

The CyBi®-Well MagneticBead is designed to automate magnetic bead applications in a compact and expandable bench top solution. The workstation combines the proven CyBio liquid handling with magnetic bead technology, providing an ideal tool for high throughput purification of nucleic acids. The workstation can be used as a stand alone system as well as an integration solution.

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CyBi®-Replicator The liquid handling core of the CyBi®-Replicator is the 10-position deck of the CyBi®-Disk with two pipetting heads. An integrated rotating arm, stackers and software tools for parallel processing form a high throughput compound management platform for plate replicating and plate reformatting.

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CyBi®-Screen-machine The flexible concept of the CyBi®-Screen-machine enables high and ultra high throughput screening of biochemical and cell-based assays. A patented transport system connects liquid handling units, stackers, incubators and fluorescence or luminescence readers.

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