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Protein Purification
Solid phase purification of proteins with a co-expressed tag greatly simplifies protein purification procedures for medium or high throughput demands. Careful treatment of the protein samples and reliable automation technology are essential for high recovery rates of native protein.

CyBio vacuum-based systems enable the control of vacuum strength to optimize elution conditions. CyBi®-RoboSpense, equipped with our vacuum station enables purification after sample transfer from any tube or plate format.

Equipped with a magnetic bead separator and a gripper tool the 8-channel pipettor CyBi®-DiluSpro is best suited for processing smaller sample numbers. CyBi®-RoboSpense provides the highest flexibility for variable sample numbers and plate and tube formats.

Protein crystallization
Highest precision pipetting at very low volumes and fast experiment setup to avoid evaporation are key factors for reproducible crystallization screenings. Based on CyBio's strength in precise and reliable automation our CyBi®-CrystalCreator allows easy, fast and safe setup of crystallization experiments. For job list-based production of crystallization liquids and aliquotting the CyBi®-RoboSpense is ideally suited.

Protein quantification, Enzyme Kinetics and ELISA’s
The CyBi®-RoboSpense uses 4 or 8 variable spacing tips is best suited for processing individual samples invarious tube and plate formats. For sample preparation in 96-, 384-, and 1536-well plates we offer you the pipetting systems CyBi®-Well, CyBi®-Well vario, CyBi®-WellFlex and CyBi®-WellFlex vario.

MALDI/TOF Target spotting
CyBio's CyBi®-Well and CyBi®-Well vario as well as the CyBi®-WellFlex and the CyBi®-WellFlex vario are suited to spot onto any target compatible with 96-well or 384-well microplates.

Application and Technical Notes

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Applications / Proteins

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