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The high flexibility of CyBio’s instruments and software control of pipetting parameters enables adjusting pipetting steps to accommodate challenging applications such as those involving bead handling.

Nucleic Acid Purification with Magnetic Beads
Automated nucleic acid purification using magnetic beads is widely used in research and in diagnostics due to their easy scalability, cost-effectiveness and reproducibility. Many kits for DNA purification available can be automated by CyBio pipetting instruments, such as PCR product purification, sequencing reaction clean up, plasmid isolation, RNA isolation and genomic DNA isolation from blood, tissue or plants. We can offer long term experience in adapting pipetting processes to bead- and DNA-based applications and recommend the appropriate software and hardware.

We offer an 8 channel system, equipped with gripper and magnetic bead separators for magnetic bead handling: CyBi®-DiluSpro.
For highest flexibility in changing sample numbers and the capability to handle different plate and tube formats, we can refer you to our CyBi®-RoboSpense.

Screening Assay
Powerful screening methods which involve coated beads, such as scintillation proximity assays, AlphaScreen® (Perkin Elmer), Transil®- (Nimbus) and IMAP (Molecular Devices) assays, are only as good as the corresponding liquid handling system is capable of preventing tube clogging or bead sedimentation. CyBio has put its application and engineering expertise into the enhancement of their instruments in order to suit these special demands. Depending on your application, we provide several instruments, all of which handle beads in a reliable and reproducible manner. Benefit from our strength in bead handling. Find the right instrument for your application:

The cell circulation option for the CyBi®-Drop superior prevents settlements of beads by circulation prior to plate dispensing.
Dedicated adjustment of pipetting conditions accomplishes powerful mixing of particle suspensions with the flexible 4 or 8 channel pipettor CyBi®-RoboSpense.

Application and Technical Notes

Isolation and detection of Mycobacterium avium ssp. paratuberculosis in milk samples as automated on a CyBi®-RoboSpense Fully Automated Extraction of Total RNA from Serum and Detection of PRRS Virus Using a CyBi®-RoboSpense Fully automated genomic DNA extraction from wheat with CyBi®-RoboSpense using MACHEREY-NAGEL NucleoMag 96 Plant Kit Automated TRANSIL® HSA Binding Kit on CyBi®-Well vario

Applications / Beads

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