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Capillary Head for CyBi®-Well vario
Compound Transfer Directly from Stock

  • Transfer of nl-samples in dry plates with non-contact mode
  • Prepare ready-to-use assay plates - no time consuming dilution or compound precipitation
  • Simultaneous transfer of 96 or 384 samples - in high throughput up to 500,000 samples per day
  • Highest precision fo < 10 % CV from 25 to 1000 nl
  • Saves reagent costs by extremly low dead volume
    of < 1 µl
The Capillary Head of the CyBi®-Well vario is an exchangeable pipetting head for the dry/non-contact transfer of nanoliter-samples in any type of microplate from 96- up to 1536-well format. The transfer of the samples occurs with capillaries, which are arranged in the 96- or the 384-channel magazines. This robust technology utilizes the capillary action for aspiration and a pressure impulse for the dispensing. The different types of magazines are exchangeable in a few seconds. The product program for capillary magazines covers  a volume range from 25, 50, 100, ... up to 1000 nl.  The innovative CyBio® Composer software supports  the system with a few simple commands. The Capillary Head can be used to upgrade any type of CyBi®-Well vario in order to create a complete workstation for compound handling. A complementary program of accessories as stackers or barcode-reader approves the automation and high throughput processing. The high-efficiency Capillary Wash Stations with a proven carry-over of less than 0,05 % offer a liquid transfer without relevant cross-contamination.



Capillary based
UsageParallel sample transfer (96 or 384 channels)
Exchangeable capillary cassettes


By capillary forces

DispensionBy a pressure pulse1
Volumes (fixed) in nl1000, 750, 500, 250, 100, 50 or 25
PrecisionCV   10 % for all volumes specified
Typical examples for glass capillaries (based upon absorbance measurements):

250 nl CV ≤ 1.5 %
100 nl CV ≤ 2.5 %
  25 nl CV ≤ 8.0 %

Typical examples for ceramic capillaries (based upon absorbance measurements):

250 nl CV ≤ 1.5 %
100 nl CV ≤ 1.5 %
  50 nl CV ≤ 2.5 %

Plate formats96, 384, 1536
Material of capillariesCeramic or glass
Transfer timeApproximately 15.000 samples in 65 minutes, washing included (1536-well microplates)

35.000 samples in 100 minutes (replication of 384-well microplates)

Throughput independent from volume of transfered liquid
Deadvolume < 1 µl (minimum level of source plate)
Washing efficiencyThe carry over is less than 0.05%
(if capillary wash station is used)
Control of the instrumentCyBio® Composer or keyboard
1Licensed by Digilab Inc.

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